Nam Lemonade

Welcome to the online pastures

So... Hi!

Currently an image of Bullfrog of Captain Laserhawk, but imagine there's a drawing of how I approximately look like.

What do you mean this is Bullfrog of Captain Laserhawk? This is what I look like!

Name Nam Lemonade
Alt names Paprika, Chili, Astro, Tuca(n), etc. Feel free to give me more!
Gender stuff Genderfluid Nonbinary (They/It)
Release year 1999
Languages French, English
Origins Canada
Role Full stack web developper
Favorite color Yellow
Loot Antlers (100%), fan (70%), Sonic figurine (50%), Pokémon Crystal (30%), picture of Erma Shepherd (5%), Rayman edit folder on Tik Tok (0.1%)

I've always been fascinated with the concept of "The Computer". You mean to tell me I can talk to my friends with this thing, AND I can play games? I never really thought of becoming a programmer, it was something that arrived after I had to switch career path. Now here I am, making websites for a living and making websites when I'm at home!

Besides being a programmer, I'm also a furry. I draw art, buy art, try to attend meets in my suit, stuff like that. I'm also a VR fur, one of those people with an expensive setup just to watch movies with friends haha!

And y'now, besides all of that, I draw as a hobby, and I play video games. I indulge in things I like, I chat with friends, I ride my bike to pretty places... I live a pretty relaxed life. I don't really aspire for adventure, just stability ❤️

It's very possible that these aren't up to date. I'll try to keep it updated as much as possible


Sonic the Hedgehog


Ace Attorney

Ghost Trick

Monster Rancher





Mr. Driller

Taiko no Tatsujin

LEGO Monkie Kid

MOTHER / Earthbound

Hotline Miami

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix