Nam Lemonade

Welcome to the online pastures


I had the help of many people and online ressources in order to make this website, here's a list of stuff I used, art of people I used and moral support thru the creation of this website

Code ressources

90's cursor effects - For the rainbow cursor you see thru the website

Animated button with rainbow hover #pride - For the rainbow button animation

CSS rounded corners with gradient border - For the rainbow borders with rounded corners. This is a lifesaver

Various other stuff related to the website - For the blinkies

Icomoon - For the custom icons for my socials

WebsiteOut - For the counter at the bottom of the page

Cbox - For the chatroom

Bootstrap 5 - For the responsive and flexbox layout

Artists whose art is featured on this website

beetalzART, for the artwork in Polaroid's page

Placed12th, for the artwork on my website button

Spice's Cauldron, for the amazing fursuit


Gao, for always being here to check my website whenever I push to prod, and here to listen to me bitch about code while I'm at work. Idk where i'd be without you ❤️

Ame / Bug, for sticking with me thru all those years. You've seen me change career paths, you've seen me at my worst and at my best. You're my best friend, and I wouldn't trade you for the world.

My furry friends, for all the fun times we've had together, the support you've given me and all the times you've joined me on VRChat to hear me talk about random shit or watch random stuff like Jackass or Captain Laserhawk. Look at us!

My mutuals on my private twitter, for indulging in my antics and going along with whatever I decide to go on about.

You, for being here right now and checking out my website!