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Welcome to my website!

Hey there! Welcome, or welcome back, to my website! I'm Nam Lemonade! First name Nam last name Lemonade. Others also call me Paprika but let's not dwell on this for too long. I'm a full stack web developper and a big yellow deer. I'm from Canada, speak both french and english, and besides coding, I draw and play video games!

I started making websites on Neocities in around 2019, over at NAMCOnade. I changed my username at some point, and moved my stuff over here. I went thru 3 designs before landing here.

If you want to see the old incarnations, look over to your right (or down below if you're on mobile). I uploaded all the previous websites on my GitHub in order to preserve them! I've really grown as a coder / programmer since my first website. But I think it's important to still archive them instead of hiding them because the Code is Bad.

This website is still not finished, some pages might be missing, but I'm on a roll. I, hopefully, will have finished it by the end of 2023..! Let's just hope I actually go thru with it.

This website was made for desktop first, but has been adapted for mobile devices as well!

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